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NEW Visionary Noise Artists Jim Crean, Banshee and El Dios Malo

                   Yes, your former Congressional candidate has jumped into the record business with activist Micah Jackson.He has run Visionary Noise Records successfully for 8 years, hosted thousands of local Houston shows and benefits. Micah has also released 3 albums, 9 Seconds, Downer and Ganesha on his very own Visionary Noise Records.

                    Starting with a benefit show called For The Community 9,…


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        Since the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, I knew something had gone wrong in our country. Our mortgage company stole our insurance check to repair our home, FEMA turned people away from getting ice in hundred degree heat because they did not own a car, the list goes on and on. I decided to get active in the End the Fed movement in 2009 after Cash for Clunkers devastated 2 family businesses, and our Congressman wouldn't help. …


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New Caney ISD Allows Coaches to Violate The Constitution, and Even ISD Policy!

***** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*************
          Serious conflicts of interest may have ruined the future of one New Caney ISD Student.  Annie Louise DeLaval was injured during soccer practice on or around January 17th, 2015. She and fellow…

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Raw Tejas Soap

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CONgressman Olson Squirms When Asked Real Questions

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Jordan Page, who writes Liberty inspired music and is a true American Patriot needs your help with the production of his new album. You may remember Jordan's performance at our Susman/Grady Moneybomb Event last May.  I encourage any and all who can to donate to his new production. I will include the link that has an interview with Jordan right here:



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(1) Voted twice to reauthorize the Patriot Act

(2) Co-Sponsored CISPA; which will ultimately lead to censorship of the internet.

(3) HR 347; Denying Americans the right to FREE SPEECH in the presence of Secret Service or other high ranking government officials.…


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Pete Sells Out Texas -AGAIN!!!

       Our incumbent has consistently made noises in criticism of the Obama administration's foot dragging regarding the Keystone XL pipeline project this year. While I'll be the last person to agree with these decisions, this project seemingly does not benefit the United States in the long term. Our contention (again) is that the congressman is acting in the interests of his corporate…


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The Incumbent EXPOSED!!!! Why would you re-elect this man????

            All year long, the staff at the Susman for Congress campaign have given you many reasons why Texas Congression District 22 no longer needs Pete Olson's representation or lack thereof.  The man has voted against your Bill of Rights at every opportunity possible. HR347, which has violated your right to free speech,The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012-(clause 1021) that authorizes the indefinite…


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END THE FED PROTEST SEPT 22nd, 2012 NOON @ 1800 Allen Parkway In Houston

Local activists and politicians from around the country have joined forc es to speak out against the Federal Reserve on September 22. They are calling for the dismantlement of the bank. Current economic conditions have fueled a nationwide m...
ovement which has recently taken root in the Metro-Area.   Since 1913 the Federal Reserve has been the lead…

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Gary Johnson is hitting Houston/ Steve Susman Endorsed by Gov. Gary Johnson

The Gary Johnson Campaign will be stopping in Houston, Texas on August 19th. I will be the last speaker on the roster before Gary takes center stage. The event will be held at the Tracy Gee Community Center 3599 Westcenter Drive, Houston, Tx 77042. Many local candidates will be available for meet and greet purposes at this event. Please join us at 4:30pm…


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I AM ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT-Bumperstickers-Fliers-Cards-

   I have been asked why people are not seeing me on the primary ballot. That is because the Libertarian Party nominates their candidates by convention. This happens usually in March of every election cycle. You are also not seeing any of my signs out. We will be putting together the signs during the next month or so-I'd suggest that once we do get them, we refrain from…


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Houston Woman Says NO to Smartmeters and Agenda 21.

         Thelma Taromina is a true Patriot and a great American. Faced with an aggressive utility employee trespassing and assaulting her 7 times on her own property, she fought back. Fought back not only against Tyranny, but against her private property being violated for the devious purposes of the UN's  Agenda 21. Since our government and it's so called "representatives" have decided to throw WE THE PEOPLE under the bus and turn a deaf ear to what we want, it is…


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Pasadena Small Business Screwed In BP Spill - Pete Olson Keeps Mum For Nalco Campaign Contributions

                         While the BP disaster was ongoing during the 2010 election cycle, our representative Pete Olson who purportedly claims to "Support small business" sat on his hands and collected a large donation from Nalco on October 25th 2010. ( Olson proclaimed that he was supportive of small business on a Houston channel 2 news feature on the very same day. (Coffee with the Candidates). …


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Pete Olson's Campaign Contributor Is Responsible For Suffering and Death of Humans and Our Gulf

     Nalco is #4 on Pete Olson's campaign Donor List according to . Nalco is the manufacturer of Corexit, used to sink the oil from ecological disasters like the Deepwater Horizon. They are also the makers of Synthia, a man made bacteria that is untested and proving deadly to humans, sealife, and and plant life wherever it is used.  Yet the Unrepresentative has recently accepted a $10,000 donation from…


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WHY? Our Unrepresentative IS Destroying America And Our Freedom NOW!


   Constituents; don't you find it strange that Texas Primary Races were lost that shouldn't have been lost? Richard Mack lost his bid to replace Lamar SOPA Smith, as well as GOP competitor to Pete "CISPA" Olson, Barbara Carlson, who had quite a bit of support in her bid. In a…


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May 18th @ 7pm Fundraiser Event for the Congress campaigns of Steve Susman and Zach Grady

Venue: The Last Concert Cafe 1403 Nance St. Houston, TX

Headliner: Jordan Page, 

Speaking: Jay Stang of Oathkeepers, Steve Susman (Cd 22 Candidate), Zach Grady (Cd 14 Candidate), Guy McClendon HCLP Past- Chair, Kathie Glass (former Texas Gubernatorial Candidate) . Chip Darby of AM 650's The Final Chapter show will be speaking as well. Please donate here to help out our joint event…


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