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Houstonian Sexually Assaulted by the TSA

             On February 18,2012 Jennifer Sisk was catching the red-eye home to Houston. Not wanting to expose herself to the cancerous backscatter from the TSA's Rapid Scan machines, she decided to opt out. Her "pat down" ended up in humiliation and her breasts were exposed to travellers in the Orlando Airport. Incidents like these are perpetrated by the TSA on women and men daily. This has got to stop! Think of how many that don't report these types of incidents. America's "War on Terror"…


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The Valerie Sargent Show Interview

Listen to internet radio with FreedomizerRadio on Blog Talk Radio


My portion begins around the 90 minute…


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Orwell's 1984 IS Happening In Our Schools

Our Congress and Senate does not live by the laws they set for us. Who the hell are they? Their construction and funding of the American Police State and the Nazi mentality needs to be defunded and dismantled- IMMEDIATELY. Americans should not pay another dime of our hard earned money for complete and utter insanity like this in our school systems. Calling the police…


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Senate passes an ACT OF WAR against the American people.

        With the passage of SB1867 this week, the Senate has given any sitting and future president the right to indefinitely detain and imprison anyone for an indefinite amount of time. This means even American citizens! Since this illegally undeclared "War On Terror" will never be brought to an end, our citizens and our country are in grave danger. I oppose any such tyrannical and UNCONSTITUTIONAL legislation like this. For anyone denying this story (un published…


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The Patriot Act is destroying the Constitution and America

   While I am cautious of anything coming from this org, this is definitely noteworthy.



Our country is being turned into a…


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4th Annual Houston END THE FED RALLY -BE THERE

NOVEMBER 19TH 2011 @ Eleanor Tinsley Park 1800 Allen Parkway in Houston, Texas. 11 am to 4 pm

Speakers: Debra Medina- John Bush- Danny Panzella, Steve Susman and MORE!

Raffle for prizes, free dvds, and most importantly-an education on how the Federal…


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Pete Olson Doesn't Give A Damn About YOUR FREEDOM!

        Many establishment people find me too "real" or too "in your face". To this I must ask; "Isn't it time a representative gives you straight talk instead of beating around the bush?" I won't beat around the bush. Pete Olson has been "representing" Texas District 22 for almost 4 years.  Have your civil rights grown? Has your family's financial outlook gotten any brighter?    I think we all know the answer to these…


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You Don't Have ANY RIGHTS!

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Houston Free Thinkers Harassed for USING their First Amendment-Waste of Our Money!!!

The Houston Free Thinkers go to Bush Airport to inform the public about backscatter cancer risks, as well as Constituional Violations. They are followed by the Nazis at TSA and harassed by HPD.

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Texas; Police State A Throwback To Communist Russia

I am growing more outraged on a daily basis of the acceptance of the virtual police state that has slimed it's way into everyone's lives here in Texas. The latest bit of news I heard this evening just set me off even worse. Citizens of the Galveston/Port Bolivar area have been subject to "random DHS searches" of their vehicles and persons apparently going on two years now. That's right folks, if you choose to ride the ferry between Galveston and Port Bolivar(and vice versa) there is a good… Continue

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     From in support and unity with the SUA Call to Action at,

ANNOUNCING : The Road to Ruin-Just Stop!

Pull It Over America


None of us are happy but we cannot all go to Washington DC to say so and those that do go are ignored. We all want a united, peaceful protest that cannot be ignored. We all want to do… Continue

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US Foreclosures In Legal Trouble

US probe into home repossessions

Two of the US's biggest mortgage lenders have had mortgage foreclosures cancelled in a case that could affect other banks.

The Supreme Court in Massachusetts ruled against US Bancorp and Wells Fargo in a widely watched case.

Backing a lower court ruling made in 2009, it said two foreclosure sales were invalid because the banks did not prove that they owned them at the time.

Bank shares fell sharply after the ruling… Continue

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Please see STEVE SUSMAN or Steve Susman for Congress Texas CD-22. All commercials and more loaded on Youtube-keywords Steve Susman

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Pete Olson's Deep Hole- By Half Empty Blog


All over the news last night was the story about how 4 young men of the Republican persuasion were caught red-handed, as it were, trying to pull a prank in Democratic Senator from Louisiana Mary…


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Community Outreach and Fundraiser -Sept 5th 2010 NOON


Sunday, September 5, 2010, noon to 3 PM

Have a fun-filled day of fellowship with like-minded libertarian families in Northwest Harris County. The Harris County Libertarian Party will provide free hotdogs & fixins ...

This lovely park sports a beautiful gazebo, lots of flowers, swings & gym sets for the kiddos ... bring your volleyball, soccer and baseball…


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ENDORSED By Texas LP Gubernatorial Frontrunner

"I support Steve Susman for Congress because he represents the new Libertarian Party which is taking on political incumbents of either party who fail to uphold the Constitution, the principles of liberty, the free market, and American sovereignty."-Kathie Glass For Texas, Governor…


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Small Business Incentive Bill -Steve Susman

Small Business will be the main driver in the economic recovery of this country. Small business will create more viable employment, variety and free market competition. Corporations have served as a mere illusion of choice, with limited potential for American business growth, due to the constant outsourcing of employment to other…


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Taking Back Government-One Politician At A Time

Thu, June 17, 2010 8:41:24 AM…

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