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David Smith District 2 Immigration Plan

I would never deny anyone the opportunity to become a United States citizen, but the immigration process shall be strictly followed. The following list is my solutions to the United State ’s immigration process.

  • The United States shall close all of its borders by…

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Contract From America-Signing

Press Release – For immediate release

Houston Tea Party Society Holds Signing Event for Contract FROM America

April 30,2010 – Houston The Houston Tea…


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Healthcare For Veterans

David Smith (L) Dist 2 and myself are currently working on legislation to propose a specific healthcare plan for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, past, present, and future. We have not committed it to paper-but I felt it of great importance to mention one provision at this time. Once we have the specifics written, the most important points are as follows: (1) If you have served in any facet of the armed forces, were injured in combat, or line of duty-we are proposing that your…


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A Demand Made By Our Nation's Constituents

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One, which gives the right of the American people to petition the United…

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Pelosium PtII


A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science. The new element has…


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cid:F4E890E9D1E4474AB27A0339A1CFD234@cewarnickPCDiscovery Announcement ~ The densest element in the known Universe has been found

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As of 3pm today March 20th-the Libertarian Party nominated me as the candidate for district 22. Let the games begin!!!

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Well folks, it is down to the wire. Another test, as Obamacare is rammed down the throats of millions of America, like it or not. By reports from CNN, MSNBC, FAUX News and all-our so-called representatives are trapped in Washington, DC until they are forced, bribed or coerced into signing a bill that 65% of us do not want. Basically, the POTUS does not want these people to go home. The reasons for this are simple: the outrage from constituents. The trampling of our…


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Commentary on Clear Lake Tea Party Job Interviews

Bay Area Citizen - News

District 22 candidates try to impress during ‘job interview’…


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Small Business Owners of District 22

I need to hear your stories and circumstances regarding severe financial losses due to cash for clunkers/stimulous plan/the depression in general. I am all about doing something for you if elected. I too am a co-owner of one business that went belly up and a co-owner of one barely hanging on. I will record your circumstances here. If elected, priority #1 is to IMMEDIATELY write legislation to get grants, or ease excessive loan restrictions. Also I will pressure the local government to grant… Continue

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DONATE WITH PAYPAL- (Secure site) or mailing address

SteveSusman 2012 Congress CLICK ON THIS BLUE LINK: …


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I was notified today by Gigi Bowman of Liberty Candidates (Facebook Page) that I was accepted in the block of Liberty Candidates. This organization supports candides that support ONLY Constitutional Legislation. As soon as I am able to post a PAYPAL or contribution link-I'm in! This org supports potential candidate funding and donations, so they are not forced to sell out to corporate or special interests to finance their campaigns. (Not that I would even consider that route anyway)... Now it… Continue

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The Issues Part Two

(6) Second Amendment Rights: Shall not be tampered with in any shape or form. The Constitution is clear on this issue. I promise to lobby for less federal mandates related to weapon ownership and sales, I believe that the rights of the states shall prevail. Our forefathers instituted this policy to protect the citizens of this nation from tyrannical government and criminals. I will not tolerate the interference of any governing body attempting to override this right.

(7) The Patriot… Continue

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The Issues

(1) The Economy: The economy is of the utmost importance. It must recover, not by the Federal Reserve system printing more money and aiding with bank bailouts. We must support our local small businesses, as these are the key to economic recovery. Small businesses are the lifeblood of employment opportunity. The excessive spending on pet projects must cease. We must focus on making grant projects available to revitalize American small business, as well as alleviate the excessive amount of…


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This Government Is Not Working

Welcome to Steve Susman For Congress Houston District 22 Houston, Texas

I am a partner in a small automotive business named Mega Mufler and Brakes, here in Houston's 22nd district. I was also a 33% share holder in a note lot named Total Package Automotives. Total Package Automotives(TPA) was the brainchild of my wife, myself and my son William. We wanted to enhance business for Mega Muffler and Brakes by adding a sister business. One of Mega's staples was reconditioning used cars for… Continue

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