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The Patriot Act is destroying the Constitution and America

   While I am cautious of anything coming from this org, this is definitely noteworthy.



Our country is being turned into a…


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Pete Olson Doesn't Give A Damn About YOUR FREEDOM!

        Many establishment people find me too "real" or too "in your face". To this I must ask; "Isn't it time a representative gives you straight talk instead of beating around the bush?" I won't beat around the bush. Pete Olson has been "representing" Texas District 22 for almost 4 years.  Have your civil rights grown? Has your family's financial outlook gotten any brighter?    I think we all know the answer to these…


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Texas; Police State A Throwback To Communist Russia

I am growing more outraged on a daily basis of the acceptance of the virtual police state that has slimed it's way into everyone's lives here in Texas. The latest bit of news I heard this evening just set me off even worse. Citizens of the Galveston/Port Bolivar area have been subject to "random DHS searches" of their vehicles and persons apparently going on two years now. That's right folks, if you choose to ride the ferry between Galveston and Port Bolivar(and vice versa) there is a good… Continue

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