END THE FED PROTEST SEPT 22nd, 2012 NOON @ 1800 Allen Parkway In Houston

Local activists and politicians from around the country have joined forc es to speak out against the Federal Reserve on September 22. They are calling for the dismantlement of the bank. Current economic conditions have fueled a nationwide m...
ovement which has recently taken root in the Metro-Area.   Since 1913 the Federal Reserve has been the lead cause of inflation and the devaluing of the dollar. Their endless credit boom-bust cycles and other market manipulations have caused instability in the US economy. Furthermore, unethical practices which allow Congress to borrow more then it takes in have caused massive deficits that cannot realistically be paid off.   Despite what the Fed originally presented to Congress, it conversely fleeced Americans of their taxes and gave it to foreign banks and corporations in the 2008 bailouts. It was Henry Ford who said, ?It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before   tomorrow morning.? Indeed this may be the beginning of a revolution, albeit peaceful one.   DETAILS:   On Saturday September 22nd, 2012 activists, broadcasters, politicians, and more will gather at all the Federal Reserve Banks in the Nation. There will be a range of actions, from speeches, barbecues, workshops, marches, and sign waving. All actions will live streamed over the internet.   "On Saturday 9/22/12 at 12 p.m. the Houston Free Thinkers, and other concerned with this issue, will gather in the park across from the Federal Reserve at 1801 Allen Parkway. We invite everyone to bring signs, pamphlets, and flyer regarding the federal reserve and the Audit the Fed bill currently in the Senate. We will also be cooking some food and playing some music in the park. Street action and marches are being planned, as well as the launching of our "Houston Exchange Network". Details to come."   Nationwide End the Fed ?Let?s Coin Together? Rally is based on the grassroots slogan chanted during the 2008 Presidential election. Around 2010 ?End the Fed? was expounded upon in a book of the same name by Rep. Ron Paul. By 2012 it had   blossomed into a national movement for sound money and economic freedom.

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