Houston Woman Says NO to Smartmeters and Agenda 21.

         Thelma Taromina is a true Patriot and a great American. Faced with an aggressive utility employee trespassing and assaulting her 7 times on her own property, she fought back. Fought back not only against Tyranny, but against her private property being violated for the devious purposes of the UN's  Agenda 21. Since our government and it's so called "representatives" have decided to throw WE THE PEOPLE under the bus and turn a deaf ear to what we want, it is Patriots like Thelma leading the charge. If we are unprotected by our own law enforcement and ignored by our legislators, then it is time we take matters into our own hands. It is rumored that the Texas Public Utilities Commission may decide to change their minds about forcing Texans to accept their "smart meters", be I would not hold my breath. They will probably keep trying to cram this agenda down our throats.  So, in that spirit- I salute Thelma for drawing the line and standing on it, with her gun drawn. If that is what it is going to take to be heard, so be it. http://http://www.khou.com/home/Harris-County-woman-uses-gun-to-sto...

If you want your "smart meter" removed and don't want to wait, please get more facts on this link:     www.freedomtaker.com   We at the Steve Susman Campaign oppose ANY violation of private property rights and ANY "agendas" of the United Nations. US OUT OF THE U.N. !!!!


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