Houstonian Sexually Assaulted by the TSA

             On February 18,2012 Jennifer Sisk was catching the red-eye home to Houston. Not wanting to expose herself to the cancerous backscatter from the TSA's Rapid Scan machines, she decided to opt out. Her "pat down" ended up in humiliation and her breasts were exposed to travellers in the Orlando Airport. Incidents like these are perpetrated by the TSA on women and men daily. This has got to stop! Think of how many that don't report these types of incidents. America's "War on Terror" has turned into a WAR ON OUR FREEDOM. The blame? Those who voted for the "Patriot Act" and the recent treasonous NDAA Bill. For God's sake, this is not Nazi Germany but we are getting precariously close to it. We DO NOT NEED the Gestapo in our airports, our football games, our streets or anywhere else. Want the govt doing this to your wife and kids? THEN GET RID OF STATISTS in our Congress and Senate.

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