Since the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, I knew something had gone wrong in our country. Our mortgage company stole our insurance check to repair our home, FEMA turned people away from getting ice in hundred degree heat because they did not own a car, the list goes on and on. I decided to get active in the End the Fed movement in 2009 after Cash for Clunkers devastated 2 family businesses, and our Congressman wouldn't help. 

           Many inside and outside of the Ron Paul Revolution banded together through the years to protest the tyrannical overreach of the government. Alas, it is becoming evident that peaceful protest, petition for redress of grievances, and voting does not work. The machine rolls on, chews us up and spits us out. The evil issues and agendas are more than I can mention here.

           Personally, I absolutely hate asking anyone for anything. I was raised by a stubborn German woman that taught me never to ask for help, but to get up and do it for yourself. However, this time I'm asking for help.

           Several of us have invested in a film project called Liberty Documentary. We have a small budget of $50,000 to complete this film. We need your help!  I am posting our Kickstarter and info links here and now. Please share them and please donate to this worthwhile project exposing ALL views on Liberty.

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