Pasadena Small Business Screwed In BP Spill - Pete Olson Keeps Mum For Nalco Campaign Contributions

                         While the BP disaster was ongoing during the 2010 election cycle, our representative Pete Olson who purportedly claims to "Support small business" sat on his hands and collected a large donation from Nalco on October 25th 2010. ( Olson proclaimed that he was supportive of small business on a Houston channel 2 news feature on the very same day. (Coffee with the Candidates).  Overlooking Alabaster Incorporated's less toxic Seabrat 4, while Nalco's Corexit9500 with synthia was continously being used, Olson could have stepped  up to the plate -but yet again he failed.

                      As the previous post on this website entails, the devastation in the Gulf continues with a high death toll on sealife and a possible high death toll on residents in proximity to the Gulf Oil disaster. When untested manmade viruses are unleashed on our atmosphere , the outcome and the damages to all life remains to be seen for decades to come. We're seeing the results of the unrepresentative's favoritism unleashed on the Louisiana coast right now. How long will it take for the constituents in this district to realize that we are really NOT represented?

                        Given the length of months that this tragedy unfolded, how is it that many members of Congress favored their big business "campaign contributors" over small and safer alternative companies that offered a less toxic product? While I assure everyone I am far from a raving Global Warming lunatic, I am a strong believer in cleaning up one's mess. However, this is not to be done by dumping untested viruses on the people and sealife of an already suffering region. This type of corporate ownership in our district is just ONE  of MANY reasons we must dump Pete Olson this November.


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