Pete Olson Doesn't Give A Damn About YOUR FREEDOM!

        Many establishment people find me too "real" or too "in your face". To this I must ask; "Isn't it time a representative gives you straight talk instead of beating around the bush?" I won't beat around the bush. Pete Olson has been "representing" Texas District 22 for almost 4 years.  Have your civil rights grown? Has your family's financial outlook gotten any brighter?    I think we all know the answer to these questions is a resounding "NO". Congressman Olson has voted for extending the Patriot Act not once, but twice. Most people are under the impression that this does not affect them. IT DOES. Suppose you have the same name as someone on a "terrorist watch", a no fly, or no gun purchase list? Would you have any idea on how to even begin the arduous process of removing yourself from a government data base?  Suppose someone hacked your computer and made threats against government officials, prompting the Department of Homeland Security to raid your home or business? Are you aware that you may be imprisoned without legal representation for many years, losing your home, family, and all you hold dear to you? Are you willing to accept being molested and degraded in public to take an airline flight, to watch an NFL game, or have your sons and daughters subject to this at their high school proms? Are you aware that the Trans-Star traffic cameras we see on the morning news are owned by the DHS, and paid for by your tax dollars? These are the result of the Patriot Act. These actions are being sold to the general public as "for our own good".  Congressman Pete Olson constantly states "We need the government out of our lives". Why does he keep voting for an Orwellian Police State? How is that "keeping government out of our lives?". America was built on the principle of a FREE SOCIETY. I intend to keep it that way.

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