I need to hear your stories and circumstances regarding severe financial losses due to cash for clunkers/stimulous plan/the depression in general. I am all about doing something for you if elected. I too am a co-owner of one business that went belly up and a co-owner of one barely hanging on. I will record your circumstances here. If elected, priority #1 is to IMMEDIATELY write legislation to get grants, or ease excessive loan restrictions. Also I will pressure the local government to grant some leeway regarding these ridiculous fees assessed for permits, be it a timeframe bypass or a waiver of some fees. I am painfully aware that Obama's suggestion that the banks help small businesses has come waaaayyyy too late. I know for some of us, this has been a great detriment to our personal and/or Dunn and Bradstreet rating. All I can ask for now is whatever you feel you can comfortably donate to my campaign-and your support by VOTING FOR ME in the March Primary. WE have to keep our heads to the grindstone and hang on! This is what the government wants- NO COMPETITION! WE WILL NEVER LET THEM STEAL OUR AMERICAN DREAM-NEVER! I will be making the rounds and speaking to you. Get a page on this site and use it to promote your small business. Every little bit counts!!! God Bless us all in these dark times.

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