The Incumbent EXPOSED!!!! Why would you re-elect this man????

            All year long, the staff at the Susman for Congress campaign have given you many reasons why Texas Congression District 22 no longer needs Pete Olson's representation or lack thereof.  The man has voted against your Bill of Rights at every opportunity possible. HR347, which has violated your right to free speech,The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012-(clause 1021) that authorizes the indefinite detention of American citizens for speaking out against the government, the co-sponsorship of CISPA, (which amounts to censorship on the internet) The FISA Bill (authorizing "spy drones" to monitor American citizens), to the two time reauthorization of the treasonous "Patriot Act" (basically removing Posse Comitatus).

            We have also noted the severe uptake of campaign funds accepted from lobbyists representing Nalco Holdings, who produce oil dispersant Corexit 9500 and 9527a. These chemicals were used and are still being used on the Gulf of Mexico, even after the EPA mandated that other non toxic dispersants are to be used. This is and has resulted in the deaths and excrutiating illness of thousands of Gulf Coast residents-something the mainstream media has been blacking out. Olson is also a recipient of funds from Koch Industries, which are embroiled in their own legal circumstances related to the deaths of more American citizens.

During the 2010 campaign cycle, we have also uncovered large contributions from Harold Simmons, who owns Waste Control services in Andrews County. This company imports radioactive nuclear waste for disposal, on top of Texas Aquifers!!!

               How many more reasons do we need to point out that Congressman Pete Olson is toxic to the Constitution, the American public at large, and the state of Texas? It is getting closer to YOU and your family every day. Tyranny+ Death= Nothing good for you or America.- Steve Susman


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