(6) Second Amendment Rights: Shall not be tampered with in any shape or form. The Constitution is clear on this issue. I promise to lobby for less federal mandates related to weapon ownership and sales, I believe that the rights of the states shall prevail. Our forefathers instituted this policy to protect the citizens of this nation from tyrannical government and criminals. I will not tolerate the interference of any governing body attempting to override this right.

(7) The Patriot Act: The Patriot Act is unconstitutional and should be abolished. The Department of Homeland Security is not effective in solving or preventing terrorism, this agency is wasting taxpayer funds and should be terminated. DHS serves to do nothing more than to aggravate American citizens. FEMA's role in national security is a misnomer also. Speaking as a victim of a natural disaster, FEMA has helped very few, while leaving many without help. Since this agency was not provided for in the Constitution, this agency needs to be disbanded also.

(8) The Federal Reserve: The Federal reserve has proven time and time again that it's interests lie only in accruing a never ending debt for our citizens. It should be audited and closed. The gold standard should be reinstated, and pusuant to our Constitution, the Congress shall empower the government to resume the coining and printing of money.

(9) Cap and Trade: This is another plot to bilk taxpayers out of millions of dollars. This plan will skyrocket the price of energy and everyday consumer products unnecessarily. This is outright theft and fraud, just as the Global Warming issue proved to be blatant hoax. I vehemently oppose Cap and Trade for ridiculous amount of taxation and demands it will place on already financially stressed Americans. I will rally to put a moratorium on any further climate change treaties/or summits.Since other countries are unable and unwilling to participate in such a program, we should no longer waste taxpayer funds on lavish fake vacations for our government officials. Global Warming is not science, it is science fiction. Until scientists and experts can prove themselves trustworthy with accurate data, I will also support a ban on carbon credit trading and vending. The American people shall not fall victim to the scams perpetrated by the elite, who wish only to oppress and loot our citizens.

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