(1) Voted twice to reauthorize the Patriot Act

(2) Co-Sponsored CISPA; which will ultimately lead to censorship of the internet.

(3) HR 347; Denying Americans the right to FREE SPEECH in the presence of Secret Service or other high ranking government officials.

(4) Voted to approve the National Defense Authorization Act. This contains a particularly venomous clause 1021. The clause provides that America is a battlefield, thus any person deemed hostile to the government may be indefinitely detained without trial, without consultation of a lawyer. There is no oversight to this. Olson also voted against the subsequent Smith/Amash Bill that would have removed this clause from the original bill.

(5) HR 658: A bill requiring the United States Government and the FAA to implement the use of drones over American soil. This is detrimental to the 4th Amendment Rights of all American citizens. As well, in the wrong hands, these drones could be armed and used against americans on American soil.


(1) Nalco Holdings Inc. Makers of the chemical dispersant Corexit 9500 and 9527a. The Campaign has received a huge amount of information that the use of these chemicals against EPA mandate in the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in the mass illnesses of citizens from Louisiana to Florida. We have actual residents in many of these areas willing to testify before Congress on what is still happening. Pete supports Nalco's position, despite the casualties that will result from the continuous aerial spraying.

(2) Koch Industries. A top 5 funder of Olson's campaign and tied to the Keystone XL pipeline that is violating Texans Private Property rights through the unscrupulous use of eminent domain. We will NOT benefit from this project, and Texans are losing family land so Pete's "special interests" get rich.

(3) Waste Control Services (WCS) Pete continues to support his friend Harold Simmons toxic waste dump in Andrews County Texas. Toxic waste from 36 states is being dumped on top of Texas aquifers. If there is an accident en route, or if the waste pit material is compromised, our groudwater will forever be contaminated.

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