Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 12:00pm until Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 12:30pm
  • PLEASE NOTE:  COOKERS AND CAMPERS WILL START SETTING UP ON FRIDAY MARCH 2ND AT 12PM.  THE MAIN EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE ON MARCH 3RD. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!  BRING A BAKED GOOD IF YOU CAN PLEASE! Camping and boat launch are available at no cost to event guests. ... Fellow Texans, we all brag out how our BBQ is the best, so come out and prove it! Whether you are an amateur who just wants to test the cookoff scene,  a pro with a great setup,  or you just want to come out and have a great time, then join us for a fun filled weekend of food, festivities, speakers and fundraising for the Ron Paul for President 2012 campaign. Cookers will be judged on brisket, sausage, ribs and chicken and are asked to donate a portion of their food to be sold for plate dinners.   We are also asking for a donation of 2 side items:  potato salad, coleslaw, or beans. Camping grounds are available, but if you need electricity, you will have to bring a generator. 
    Also, water supplies are limited at this time to the main building.  There are outside facilities available. Setup starts Friday, March 2nd, judging on March 3rd, and tear down March 4th. Winners will receive a Revolution apron and Ron Paul Family cookbook. PLATES:  Plates will be sold for $10.   Drinks will also be provided at a minimal cost.
               SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: ALL DAY MARCH 3rd :  Obama-car(E) Bash, Bake Sale, Horseshoes, Dominoes, Pool, Darts, Pin the Tail on the Donkey (yes, a new game with  bit of a spin on it), Trivia, Fishing Contest for the kids, Poster Contest for the kids
                  Speaker:   Chip Darby (Texas Radio Host of "The Final Chapter" Show)
                  Speaker:   Ryan Rabalis (Houston Area Delegates for Ron Paul)
                  Speaker:   Larry Youngblood (Candidate for TX Congressional District 8)
                  Speaker:   Steve Susman (Candidate for TX Congressional District 22)
                  Speaker:   Bill Tofte (Candidate for TX Congressional District 34)
                  Speaker:   Jay Stang (Oathkeepers)
                 Open Mike:  Open mike for anyone wishing to speak about Ron Paul, Freedom and Liberty. Judging:  Judging the great food everyone has cooked and announcing the winners. Raffle Winner Announced Entertainment:  Keegan McInroe                          The Gypsy Head Band

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