WHY? Our Unrepresentative IS Destroying America And Our Freedom NOW!


   Constituents; don't you find it strange that Texas Primary Races were lost that shouldn't have been lost? Richard Mack lost his bid to replace Lamar SOPA Smith, as well as GOP competitor to Pete "CISPA" Olson, Barbara Carlson, who had quite a bit of support in her bid. In a recent e-mail to yours truly she remarked, "We, as a country, are in very, very serious trouble." She is right. Our "unrepresentative Olson" has recently been on a Tyranny voting spree. It seems that he is following the directives of someone who hates the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

   It is now our duty to inform ALL uninformed citizens in this district about his voting record via the NDAA, HR 347, CISPA, and his recent activity regarding funding of the spy drones. We need funding for this campaign be it $1, $5 or much more. We are fighting an enemy with a corporate warchest of immense proportions. Our voices and visibility are not good enough. You are not donating to me personally, we all have a stake in this. We cannot let Olson have a third chance to drive our district into dust. Patriots, I know you are tired and broke- but if we do not retake our district, we may not have one by 2014. Please spread this site, Facebook, and Liberty-Candidates.org, we cannot give up or give in!!!! -Steve


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